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A simple way to do any type of market research

m-Research 2.0 is an online market research application. It helps you to conduct quantitative market research using questionnaire based surveys.

Creating surveys has never been this simple

It is the world’s simplest market research tool as it allows you to create surveys in few easy, self-understandable steps using innovative features such as ‘the drag-&-drop questions’ and ‘live editing of questions and answers’. No training is required. Try it now for free.

Create surveys, collect feedback, analyse data in just minutes

Creating surveys will only take few minutes and collecting feedback can be rapidly done with the inbuilt ‘send and share survey’ tool which not only allows you to send the questionnaire to a list of e-mail addresses but also to post it on social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. m-Research 2.0 comes with an inbuilt ‘report engine’ which allows you to view live data and even analyse them with visual projections such as ‘charts and graphs’. Try it now for free.

Pay as you use

We have simple and affordable payment plans to suite your needs. Click here to try it now for free.
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