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Find the right person to do the job

Finding the right person to do the job is the first step of developing a good human resource pool for any organisation. “The current market pressures of downsizing, cost cutting, competition and skills shortage have made recruitment a key HR activity. These processes are now used as major levers to bring about strategic and cultural change within organisations” (Stone 1998).

e-Cruititment 2.0 is an innovative e-Business application that helps any organisation to carryout their Recruitment and Selection processes in a simple, fast and cost effective way. It is developed based on Web 2.0 standards and related technologies.

Conventional process
Conventional Recruitment Process

e-Cruitment 2.0 process

e-Cruitment Process

Step 1: Job (work) Analysis

It is the process of identifying the tasks to be performed and the competencies required to perform them. The results of job analysis are:
  1. Position Description (job/work identification, summary, relationships, responsibilities and duties, authority of the incumbent, standards of performance, working conditions etc.)
  2. Competency Profile (experience, qualifications, certifications, licences, skills, abilities, knowledge, personal qualities, special requirements etc.)
The employer will carry out the job analysis using intelii e-Cruitment 2.0-Job Analysis tool (optional).

Step 2: Position Description (PD) and Competency Profile (CP)

In this step the Position Description and the Competency Profile for the vacant position are prepared and approved using intelii e-Cruitment 2.0.

Step 3: Recruitment

intelii e-Cruitment 2.0 will automatically create an online job application form based on the Position Description and the Competency Profile.

The Position Description and Competency Profile including the link to the online job application form will be advertised and/or sent to employment agencies and executive recruiters. This can either be automated or performed manually.

Interested applicants will each submit an online job application form on or before the deadline.

The employer will automatically receive standardised job applications for selection.

Step 4: Selection

The employer will screen the applicants using intelii e-Cruitment 2.0- selection tool.

The employer interviews the shortlisted applicants using intelii e-Cruitment 2.0- interview tool.

Employer decides to hire the selected staff based on intelii e-Cruitment 2.0 recommendations.

Benefits to your business

Recruitment and selection processes are:
  1. Simpler an easier
  2. 2 times faster
  3. 80% automated
  4. standardised
  5. consistency guaranteed
  6. adhering to labour rules and regulations
  7. Better aligned with organisation’s HR strategy

As a result:
  1. Direct costs saved up to 50%
  2. Indirect costs saved up to 90%
  3. Greater probability of attracting the most suitable candidates over your competitors
  4. Greater efficiency in operation and reporting
  5. You are positioned as a modern, quality driven, equal opportunity organisation
  6. You can cut down printing and photocopying costs up to 95%
  7. You can easily and quickly respond to business place changes
  8. Internal and external customer relationships are improved
  9. Quality and access of HR information of your organisation are improved
  10. You create economic value to your organisation by selecting high-potential staff

Benefits to the applicants (prospective employees)

  1. Simple and easy application process
  2. No need to prepare bio data (curriculum vitae, resume etc.)
  3. Application is free of charge
  4. No cost on printing and sending applications via post
  5. Standard application form to all applicants
  6. Equal and fare opportunity for all applicants

Benefits to your suppliers and customers

  1. Your advertisement agencies, recruitment agencies, executive recruiters (if registered) will automatically receive standard position descriptions and competency profiles you create for vacant positions including other information such as advertisement dates, advertisement period, preferred media etc.
  2. Your customers will be assured of a quality service provided by competent staff hired by labour rules and regulations and enjoy equal opportunity.


  • Pay for use only
    There is no licence fee and you pay only for the services used
  • 100% browser based
    No hardware or software installation is required as you can invoke all intelii services through an internet browser
  • Free upgrade
    All upgrades are provided free of charge as and when released
  • Maintenance free
    Since you are not using any special hardware or software there is no requirement for maintenance
  • Highly secure
    intelii services are hosted in highly secure servers and intelii e-Business applications are encrypted password protected
  • Simple user interface
    intelii e-Business applications are designed to be highly user friendly
  • Customisable
    Customers are able to easily customise intelii e-Business applications to better fit their requirements
  • 24-365 support

How to start

Step 1: Consultation and product trial

Contact us or send us your contact details to arrange a live consultation or a demonstration about the service including a cost-benefit analysis.
Contact us now
See how much you can save with intelii

You can also test the e-Cruitment 2.0-trial version.
Try now

Step 2: User registration

Register your organisation to create your intelii account.
Register now

Activate your account by paying the registration fee.
How much?

When you activate your account you receive an administrator account and 1 additional user account. You can buy more user accounts according to your requirement.
See account features.

Step 3: Training

Once your account is activated an online training will be provided covering all essential processes.
See demo now.

Step 4: Use

You are now ready to use intelii e-Business application.

You will only pay for the services used. For example when you use intelii e-Cruitment 2.0 to recruit and select employees you will be charged per each position description created and the number of job applications received.

When you use optional services such as job analysis, automated advertisement etc., you will be charged accordingly.

Step 5: registration renewal

Once your registration period is over you can extend your registration by paying a renewal fee.

Your account will be automatically cancelled after 3 months from registration expiry date.


Can I use e-Cruitment 2.0 in my organisation?

Yes. e-Cruitment 2.0 is has been developed after an extensive research about the recruitment and selection practices of various organisations. Therefore it is adaptable to any organisation. Furthermore it can be customised by the users to better suite their requirement.

Do I have to change my company’s HR processes to use e-Cruitment 2.0?

No. You can use e-Cruitment 2.0 without changing any HR procedure or policy because the core of e-Cruitment 2.0 is to facilitate the common elements of recruitment and selection processes. However we do advice our customers to upgrade their company’s HR policy to include modern day practices such as competency profiling.

Do I have to buy and install new hardware and software before using e-Cruitment 2.0?

No. intelii e-Cruitment 2.0 is completely browser-based. All you need are compatible operating systems such as Windows, Mac or Linux and a compatible internet browser such as internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

How much is the cost to use e-Cruitment 2.0?

Registration fee for 1 year for e-Cruitment 2.0 core application is USD 100 only. Thereafter you pay based on the number of job descriptions created and applications received. USD 5 will be charged per each job description created and USD 1 per each application received. For example if you create 5 job descriptions and received 100 applications within a year your cost is USD 125 only. For more information about costing please contact us.

Do I get support to use e-Cruitment 2.0?

Yes. Intelii e-Cruitment comes with a complete training package with practical examples. You will also have access to our 24/365 support centre.

How can I start using e-Cruitement 2.0?

To register online click here.

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