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e-Business applications

intelii offers modular, interoperable and browser based e-Business applications in 3 main business process groups:
  1. Human Resource Development
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Supply Chain Management

Human Resource Development Applications

A simple way to find, develop and maintain the right person to do the job

“If people are the most important asset that an organisation has, especially in today’s knowledge and service economy, then the quality of the recruitment process and the selection process that follows it will to a very large extent decide the quality of the organisation.” (Dessler et al 2004)

Organisational behaviour is the overall science of dealing with humans within organisations. Human Resource Development (HRD) and Human Resource Management (HRM) are two overlapping process groups that are based on the principles and theories of organisational behaviour.
Organisational Behaviour intelii offers following customer relationship management applications:

Customer Relationship Management Applications

intelii e-Business applications focus on HRD and some overlapping HRM processes (blue area above):
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