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Stay ahead of your competitors

In the ever increasing market competition it is vital to promote your brand, company and your products and services using the latest media. Many organisations worldwide use Multimedia Business Presentations to stay ahead of their competitors.

Multimedia Business Presentations are interactive, animated, self-running business presentations that are usually propagated on CDs and flash drives. They can also be accessed through the internet and can be downloaded to any computer as a standalone presentation.

intelii has been developing Multimedia Business Presentations over the years to many of our customers.

Following are some of the selected presentations:


You can use your Multimedia Business Presentation in any occasion where you have to present your company, products and services to potential customers, investors, at exhibitions and any indoor/outdoor audio-visual promotion.

Multimedia Business Presentations are self propagating because they can be distributed on mobile storage devices such as CDs, flash drives and memory cards and can be played on any PC or laptop and is compatible with any operating system.

Multimedia Business Presentations are the best type of animated presentations to promote your company on the World Wide Web.

You can create high impression about your company, products and services as they are presented using rich animation, special effects, video clips and sound effects.

Your company will be seen as a modern, technologically advanced organisation.

When you develop a standard Business Presentation with only onetime investment you can use it as long as there are no major changes in your company, products or services. Therefore you do not have to spend over and over again every time you have to make a presentation.

You can assure that your company’s brand will be consistent, irrespective of the presenter or the place where the presentation is done.

See how you can create a Multimedia Business Presentation for your company:

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