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simple business, easy life

intelii is an ICT company that develops e-Business applications and innovative business products.


Simple solutions for businesses, easy life for people.

People and businesses around the world will use intelii e-Business applications and innovative business tools to make their day to day activities simple.


intelii will ideate innovative solutions for everyday business needs and create e-Business Applications and innovative business tools for the people and businesses around the world.

Mission Strategy


innovation, integrity, partnership and continuous learning.

Value proposition

Businesses around the world need innovative solutions that can add value to their business processes and thereby reduce their transactional costs. We propose ‘simple’ e-Business applications to add value to businesses (B2B) and consumer markets (B2C) to reduce their transactional costs.
Our customers are Businesses (micro, small, medium, large, local and international), Governments and not for profit organisations as well as Individual consumers and consumer markets (local and international).

Contemporary businesses are facing an increasingly complex and chaotic world characterised by uncertainty, randomness, interdependence and constant change. Almost every company is trying to find out how best to deploy the internet throughout its value chain to:
  1. Reduce cost and labour
  2. Improve management and organisational efficiency and communication
  3. Establish strategic position
  4. Enhance competitiveness
  5. Respond to environmental changes
  6. Improve customer relations
  7. Improve information quality, access and flexibility
  8. Create economic value
(Farhoomand 2005)

McMaster (1996) explains that complexity occurs when systems (businesses) are beyond linear understanding, beyond simple cause-effect, and beyond particular analysis but have not yet ‘spilled over’ into the area of chaos. intelii's primary goal is to simplify business processes of our customers.

We do this by ‘deconstructing and reconfiguring’ an organisation’s value chain. Value-chain is the set of activities (or processes) through which a product or service is created and delivered to customers. Companies can gain competitive advantage by adding value to these discrete but interconnected activities.

Ronald Coase explains that firms (businesses) exist because of their ability to reduce transaction costs (i.e. costs associated with the transactional processes with their suppliers, employees and customers). Therefore all intelii services and products aim to add value to business processes to reduce their transactional costs.

This is achieved by developing e-Business applications and innovative business products to fulfil our customers’ day to day business needs. e-Business applications are light-weight, browser-based software that can be invoked through the internet. The internet is an infrastructural-backbone that helps companies to coordinate various activities within and outside their bounds. The rapid growth in information and communications technology (ICT) over the past few decades has made internet the common business platform. That is why all intelii services are browser-based.

The fundamental characteristic of all intelii services and products is innovation. Today’s businesses need continuous and rapid innovation in order to sustain and improve their competitive advantage.


intelii offerings are of three types:
  1. Services:
    intelii offer modular, interoperable and browser-based e-Business applications in 3 main business process groups:
    1. Human Resources Development (current development focus)
      • e-Cruitment (online recruitment and selection service)
      • i-Perform (online performance management service)
      • e-Assess (online skills assessment service)
    2. Customer Relationship Management (future)
    3. Supply Chain Management (future)

  2. Products:
    intelii produce innovative business tools to suite modern-day business needs
  3. Professional Training and Consultancy:
    intelii provide professional training programmes and consultancy on the following subject areas:


intelii was co-founded by Eranda Ginige and Samadara Ginige in the year 2005. The company was then known as Total Solutions while Dreams Incorporated was used as the trademark web address (www.dreams-incorporated.com).

The management decided to change their business model in year 2008 by upgrading their core products and services to:
  1. e-Business applications
  2. Innovative business tools
  3. Professional training and consultancy

Therefore the company name was changed to ‘intelii’ which better defines the company’s new vision and services. intelii stands for ‘intelligent-innovative-ideas’.


Eranda Ginige
Director Business Development

Eranda holds a Masters degree in Project Management specialising in Business Administration from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He has been working in different management capacities and has extensive experience in training and development. Eranda focuses on concept, design and business development.

Samadara Ginige
Director Projects

Samadara is an advanced diploma graduate from the National Institute of Information Technology, India who has been working in software development sector for many years working for both local and overseas companies. Samadara leads on projects and software development. intelii has adopted an effective outsourcing model for software coding therefore are able to lower the cost of end products for our customers.


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